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Interesting debate, and maybe one where the granularity of the question is a problem.

You used Greenplum as an example of an OSS company. Bizgres is open source. The Greenplum database is not, so far as I can tell. I haven’t gone into the details of how they leverage Postgres without having to open the Greenplum database but it’s a question on my list for them.

I think the proper focus isn’t the company but the product. There we run into the problem of product vs. versions of the product.

I was thinking about this with regard to JasperSoft recently. They differentiated from Pentaho by having the commercially licensed and open source versions be identical. I saw something that indicates they are now backing away from this and will have a commercial version with somewhat different features.

03/01/07 @ 20:00
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as far as I know, Bizgres is the Greenplum database, but much as MySQL has dual-licensing, Bizgres is the free, open source version, with Greenplum founding the Bizgres project as the BI/query optimized distro of PostgreSQL, and then adding even more to it, such as MPP [similar to Oracle’s OPS] to make their commercially licensed version.

Also, it’s my understanding that Pentaho dropped their “professional” version - they went 100% open source some months ago.

I think that there will be continual grey areas while business models for open source are tested and solidified.

03/01/07 @ 22:27
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