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This Blog is about supporting and living the TeleInterActive Lifestyle and how this affects the many "P's" of business. In this first entry, we need a few definitions to set the tone for this Blog.

So what are we talking about?

The TeleInterActive Lifestyle refers to the work and living habits of anyone who needs or wants to interact with their information remotely.

These are often considered to be remote users. But, this is a very broad category, and is often used to refer to anyone outside of a Local Area Network (LAN). This can include any of the groups mentioned below.

  • Distributed workgroups: may be any team that need to use or add to a pool of information but don't necessarily sit together. Examples are cross-functional project teams, outsourced or offshore workers, consultants and employees working together, and multi-company teams.
  • Road warriors: are travelers, never in the office, rarely in the building. They may be top executives, sales folk, engineers, technicians, marketing, public relations, project managers, etc.
  • Hallway warriors: are always jumping from one meeting to the next, they're on campus, but never in an office.
  • Field Force: are often seen driving white vans with company logos, but may be any worker, engineer, technician, or customer service representative working away from the main office or factory, from farms to oil rigs, from TV repair to PBX MAC orders, from the "loneliest guy in town" to the International Space Station, and beyond.
  • Outside Sales: guide prospects through the sales pipeline away from their office; from lead through demonstrations to final close, they work on the customer's home turf.
  • Telecommuters: often include anyone in small satellite or home offices with slower network connections such as ISDN, lower-end DSL (ADSL), dial-up (analog modems), or Wi-Fi cafĂ© hot spot users.
  • Soccer Moms & Dads: are always on the go.
  • Vacationers: are away from the office but want/need to stay in touch.
  • Retirees: aren't in the workspace anymore, but they have plenty of information to access while roving the highways in their RVs, jetsetting around the globe, running their daily errands, or daytrading while gardening and at the beach.

Over the years, it has occurred to us that businesses are made up of many "P's": process, programs, projects, people, perception, policy, procedures, patents, products, price, place and promotion. This is really the starting point for the articles and discussions that we hope to have in this Blog: how does the move away from what has become the traditional working model affect these "P's" especially the most important "P", People. We hope that you join in this discussion by posting (see the bottom of this page) your opinions and experiences with the TeleInterActive Lifestyle.

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